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I have been trying and doing a lot of different things when it comes to. arts but trying in vain to find something to cover all my interests and talents.

It all started with drawing as a child which by the way never still is inside of me later painting and sculptur joined. I went to the static sculpting limits and tried all different kinds of materials. It fascinated me but it didn't full fill me.

Within the last couple of years I found two ways to express myself: Haute Couture and miniatures.

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Haute Couture
for Kids

Fashion is a mindset we communicate to the outer world. My fashion is about quality-awareness, personality and joy in life. 



My tiny pieces of art that take you to a different/my world, start in my imagination to then be made with utter love and care.

Haute Couture for Kids

Handmade. Grow-along. Alterable. One of a Kind.