Handmade. Grow-along. Alterable. One of a Kind.
Haute Couture for Children



The world of a child is different and pure but not symmetrical. My fashion reflects this in various aspects.

My one-of-a-kind garments are all made by hand, can be altered and grow along. 

What makes my fashion unique? 



Each of my habiliments is designed and made only once by myself personally in Germany. A model is created without a predetermined cut and might be altered during the production process. Each piece is unique and tailormade according to the wishes and needs of a child and not designed to go into mass production. 



The necessary elbow room, small specialties and funky details made of selected high quality materials, that is what Sosnowicz stands for. I create clothes that grow-along as children like wearing their favorite outfits until they either grew-out of them or they fell apart. This is how we grownups wake up to how special little people are. 



Children are creative, full of fantasy, they love modifying and changing, these are the reasons why my fashion has to have different features. They can be split into their components, combined with other garments and/or reversed. This does not only stimulate children's creativity but also relaxes mothers- when raspberry juice ends-up on the blouse, just reverse it. 

One Of a Kind


Personalisation by stiching the name into the cloth is not enough for me. I personalize from the idea to the final product. My fashion should reflect and endorse the character and philosophy of a child. It is important for kids to know that each child is  special and that adults are aware of it. This is why each habiliment is only produced once aknowledging the uniqueness of its wearer. 

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About Me

Approximately 20 years ago I studied fashion design and tailoring, but then I chose a different path. I dedicated myself to other things like sculpturing and languages. For me fashion was a part of my past until she came- Pitzi. 


With the birth of my niece a new story began. How should I find a individual gift for this little woman without money? So I started with a snuggle toy, that I made for her. 


After that one snuggle toy i produced many more. That was the beginning that ended up in my unique children fashion line. Pitzi and her brother left no stone unturned, they changed my path entirely and I am happier than I ever thought I could be. 


I don't have children of my own but as my nephew told me: “You don`t have your own children but you have more space to love all the others”. My products are my children, that hopefully make your children happy. 



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