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Handmade. Grow-along. Alterable. One of a Kind.

Haute Couture for Kids

With the birth of my niece 6 years ago a new story of my life started: my matchless kids fashion, child-freindly and special: Made for one single child from an adult's point of view who did not forget what it means to be a child.


"Each of my unique pieces is inspired by kids, their interests, their priorities an their worldview."

Children have a self-evidence adults miss and that allows me to respond intuitively. Children don't question their position in this world. My fashion endorses this self-determination that we all once had.

I combine the two worlds, the one of an adult with the one of a child with the highest qualities of materials, traditional craftmanship and a good portion of humor. My special talent is my observation, my feeling for colors patterns and shapes.


"I don´t work with sewing patterns."


My approach is unconventional and the results prove me right. Due to my experience I freely cut into the textile and the wanted piece evolves. Sewing is not magic. but my approach might be.


"What makes
my fashion a
luxury product?"