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Self-designed & manufactured. Exceptionally. In love with detail & full of imagination.


In November 2020 I added a totally new area to my agenda. The Biedermeier of the 21 century. Corona and the bleak shops before CHristmas woke the urge for magic for the childlike view for something imaginative, special and mysterious in me. Hence I wanted to decorate my shop windows with dollhouses. First I refurbished old dollhouses but soon that was not enough because they were not MY magic. Today I don't make dollhouses anymore, now I create 3 dimensional Fairytales that the beholder can tell himself.

"I create small unique pieces of art that combine all my talents"

Sculpture, painting, interior design, the knowledge about textiles and manual skills as well as my asymmetrical perfectionism and my imagination. I want to wake up the child inside each adult and invite them to step out, pause, look closer and discover my world. Like in all my creations there are details one has to discover because the world is much more wonderful when you find these tiny specialities on your own when you stop the engine and go with your flow.

The Tree House

The Toy Store

Work in Progress